The Oshkosh Arrival Quiz

I hope that you are finalizing your plans to fly into Oshkosh soon for AirVenture 2012. When I landed on Runway 27 today, Tuesday, July 17, I saw the first airplane in the North 40 parking area, a Cessna 210. Stancie and I were the only airplane on tower frequency from the time Milwaukee approach cleared us for the visual to Runway 27. What a difference a couple days makes.

Since we all live and fly by the Oshkosh AirVenture NOTAM how about a little quiz to test your knowledge of the procedures. The answers are at the bottom.

  1. Name two of the colors of the three dots on Runway 9/27 that controllers may ask you to land on, or to land long of?
  2. What is the initial fix on the Fisk arrival procedure?
  3. We may all remember holding at Rush Lake on the Fisk arrival, but what other lake may you need to circle to kill time for spacing to the runway?
  4. Which wind direction do controllers not want to see during AirVenture?
  5. What time does Wittman Field close each evening and no engine operation or taxiing are allowed during AirVenture?
  6. What are the two indicated airspeeds to fly on the Fisk arrival?
  7. When do you switch from Fisk approach on 120.7 to Oshkosh tower?
  8. What otherwise normal visual traffic pattern maneuver is prohibited on the Fisk arrival?
  9. When will you be issued a landing runway assignment on the Fisk arrival?
  10. What do tower controllers say as soon as they have a minute to catch their breath?

There is much, much you need to know for your flight into Oshkosh for AirVenture and it can only be found in the official NOTAM. The NOTAM is on the Sporty’s AirVenture app that you can download for your iPad or other smart device at the Apple app store, or at You can also download a PDF of the NOTAM from the official EAA site at .

AirVenture NOTAM quiz answers:

  1. The three dot colors on Runway 9/27 are orange, white and green.
  2. The initial fix on the Fisk arrival is Ripon. It’s location is stored in many GPS navigation data bases.
  3. The other lake you may need to circle for holding is Green Lake.
  4. Controllers hate an east wind because there is very little room to space traffic between the Fisk arrival point and Runway 9. On a Runway 27/18 operation there is a downwind and base leg to 27 to allow for spacing, and a long right base leg for 18. However, when both 27 and 18 are in use for landing airplanes going to Runway 18 are usually sent on a path just south of the runway to fly a left downwind and base to land on 18.
  5. Wittman Field closes at 8 p.m. every day during AirVenture and no engine operation or taxiing on the field are allowed before 6 the next morning.
  6. On the Fisk arrival if you can you should fly at 90 knots indicated airspeed at an altitude of 1,800 feet. If that is too slow for safety in your airplane maintain 135 knots and 2,300 feet.
  7. You only change to the tower frequency when controllers at Fisk tell you to. And they usually call you by aircraft type and color, not N-number
  8. Though S-turns are normal in the traffic pattern at other airports S-turns are forbidden on the Fisk arrival during AirVenture. If you must S-turn to maintain spacing you are to break off the approach and return to Ripon.
  9. You will be assigned a runway by the controllers only when you reach the vicinity of Fisk.
  10. Controllers, when they can, always say “Welcome to Oshkosh” as you are landing. And that’s what I would say too, if they let me talk on the radio, but they don’t.

See you in Oshkosh.

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  2. Steve says:

    Just wondering if the controllers at Airventure will be required to/attempt to comply with MOR. I’m sure during the course of thousands of arrivals and departures that something does not go quite as planned.

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